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CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is the practice of continuously maintaining and developing skills, competence and knowledge to maintain your professional qualifications in order to enhance your performance at work.
As a professional, you are committed to achieve a number of CPD hours to ensure your knowledge does not become outdated and at the same time will assist you in becoming more specialized and successful in your chosen career. CPD can be any activities that could achieve significant learning outcome that is relevant to your profession.
There Are Two Elements To CPDs:
(i) Formal (e.g. structured courses, professional bodies’ meetings, discussion groups, study for qualifications)
(ii) Informal (e.g. reading, internet research, on-the-job learning).
CPD is now a mandatory requirement of most professional bodies when you are a registered member.
The Main Principles Of The Scheme Are That CPD Must:
(i) Be relevant to satisfy individual professional needs in order to assist career development
(ii) Assist members to apply new techniques, understand economic development and evaluate its impact on members’ clients or organizations and on their own work, and to meet changing responsibilities and expectations.
(iii) Gain a specific learning outcome and update with most recent development in the profession
(iv) Give public impression of the professionalism provided by the professional