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2019/09/27 Seminar on Company Secretary Series(17/9/2019): (a) New regulatory regime since 1 March 2018 to comply with the anti-money laundering requirements; and (b) Pitfalls in the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622)
2019/04/29 Tax Seminar on (24/4/2019): Identification of potential taxation services for clients and important updates for filing 2018/19 Profits Tax Returns and Supplementary Forms
2019/02/28 Seminar on 20, 26 Feb, 1, 7 Mar 2019: Recap on major accounting standards affecting the Financial Statements for Year Ended 31 Dec 2018 and highlight the major changes in disclosure in the Pro Forma Financial Statement.
2018/11/27 Workshops:An overview on the latest development in Consolidated Financial Statements from the perspective of HKFRS and Companies Ordinance and practical applications with examples in implementing HKFRS 15 and 16 from the perspe on 21/11/2019 & 27/11/2019
2018/10/16 Seminar on : Knowledge and the compliance of the Implementation of the New Anti-Money Laundering and Countering-Terrorist Financing Ordinance in the accounting industry on 5 Oct 2018
2018/09/15 Accounting Training Programe for Audit Juniors and updating Audit Semi-Seniors [with emphasis on the practical situations and considerations for SMEs and private companies/group]
2018/09/12 Seminar on : Practical Isssue in HKFRS for Private Entities and common mistakes in application.
2018/07/09 ETC - Training Programme for updating your Audit Semi-Seniors and training your Audit Juniors (9 Jun , 29 Jun and 4 Jul 2018)
2018/03/23 CPD Seminar(1_3_2018) on Application issues and common pitfall in adopting the Hong Kong Financial Reporting Standards (HKFRSs) and SME-FRS (Revised) for the year ended 31st Dec, 2017
2018/03/23 Seminar on 31/1/2018, 2/2/2018 & 6/2/2018: Recap on major concepts of HKFRS 15 “Revenue from contracts with customers” and transition to HKFRS 9 (2014) “Financial Instruments” Go through Pro Forma Financial Statement for Year ended 31/12/2017. Both under
2017/11/24 ETC - Application issues in applying the common accounting standards and the new HK companies ordinance the perspectives from auditors and preparers of financial statements in HK 31 Oct & 22 Nov
2017/09/13 ETC - CPD 2017 Training Programme for Audit Semi-Seniors and Seniors on 26 Aug , 2 and 9 Sept 2017.
2017/06/10 ETC - CPD Seminar: Training Programme for Audit Juniors on 20, 31 May and 10 Jun 2017
2017/07/25 ETC -Three sessions of Workshop on Accounting Training Programme for Audit Semi-Seniors and Seniors (With emphasis on the practical considerations)_26 Nov,3 and 10 Dec 2016
2016/10/29 ETC - Three sessions of Workshop on Training Programme for Audit Semi-Seniors and Seniors_15,22,29 Oct 2016
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