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Executive And Professional Training
Executive Training Company (ETC Training) is unique in the field of Executive and Professional training because it is geared primarily to meeting the demanding needs of busy executives and professionals. ETC Training is established as a center for executive coaching in Hong Kong and in Mainland China.

Professional Examinations
Our courses are tailored to meet the needs of professional executives who wish to broaden their knowledge base in their careers and be able to pass professional examinations in short range of time. ETC Training is launching both classroom-based courses and on-line courses.

Our team of lecturers, tutors and coaches work at senior executive level in public and private sectors, Universities and other educational institutions and they are the tutors to train your needs. Our ETC trainers are professionally qualified and are members many professional accountancy bodies.

To Succeed in Executive Training, Our Company Is Based On Three Core Fundamentals:
E – Enthusiastic tutors with professional expertise and extensive working and teaching experience
T – Technological support by using innovative methods to learn
C – Comprehensive and most updated training materials and your long-standing companionship in your training

These fundamentals emphasized our commitment to providing external training to enhance your career prospects and to support you pursuing your professional qualifications. ETC Training shares a belief that “ Students learn to pass when they are motivated to pass.”

Contact Us
To learn more about our company, including information about our courses and our services, simply contact us at (852) 21171112 or through