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Why Take Your CPD With Treasure Step?
Our company offers professional exam training to non-qualified professional students and at the same time caters a comprehensive range of CPD courses covering hot topics such as recent updates on topics such as Financial Accounting, Management, Auditing and Taxation. Our company has combined classroom training and innovative user-friendly IT tools to offer these CPD courses.

The following are some of the benefits of taking Treasure Step’s CPD Online Courses :
No need to leave home or office to attend the online CPD courses
The courses count as verifiable CPD
User friendly as you only need to use common software to listen to the online materials
Nationally recognized qualification
You can start or stop the course when convenient with yourself
Online evaluation can be done
Materials would be sent to you via e-mail or courier (free of charge)
Treasure Step will provide statements to prove that you have online-attended the courses
Study in the comfort of your own surroundings; and
No need to attend an actual class
HKICPA’s Members’ CPD Requirements
Members of the Institute are required to comply with the CPD requirements set out in Statement 1.500 (October 2019). Holders of the specialist designation in insolvency ("SD (Insolvency)") are required to comply with one additional CPD requirement as also set out in Statement 1.500 (October 2019). This additional requirement is that they need to undertake, as part of the total CPD requirements as a member (60 verifiable hours in each rolling three-year period), at least five verifiable CPD hours relating to insolvency for each CPD reporting year.

Compliance with the CPD requirement for the SD (Insolvency) is one of the conditions for renewal of registration as an SD (Insolvency) holder. All holders of the SD (Insolvency) are required to complete their annual CPD declaration for the CPD period ended on 30 November each year for renewal of registration as a CPA. This substantiates that they have complied with the additional CPD requirement for renewal as an SD (Insolvency) holder.

Holders of the SD (Insolvency) who fulfil the Institute's CPD requirements for CPAs by fulfilling another GAA institute's CPD requirements are still required to undertake at least five verifiable CPD hours relating to insolvency for each CPD reporting year in order to satisfy the CPD requirement for SD (Insolvency) holders.

Generally, in order to serve the public interest, no exemption from CPD compliance will be granted to SD (Insolvency) holders.
ACCA Members’ CPD Requirements
Unit Route
If you plan and organise your own CPD, this is the route for you.
You’ll complete a total of 40 relevant units of CPD each year, comprising:
    ● at least 21 verifiable units; and
    ● up to 19 non-verifiable units.

One unit equals one hour of development.

A learning activity counts as verifiable CPD if it’s relevant to your career, and you can explain how you used the learning in the workplace, and you should also be able to provide evidence that you completed the learning activity.

Non-verifiable CPD is general learning, such as reading or research, which isn’t related to any specific learning outcome or objective. You do not need to provide evidence for non-verifiable CPD.
ACCA Approved Employer Route
Some employers provide excellent learning and development programmes of their own.

If you work for an employer who holds Approved Employer professional development approval then you can follow their employee development programme to complete your CPD. You’ll follow their development programme by taking part in their appraisal process and completing your personal development plan with them.