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Introduction Of QP  
The Qualification Programme (QP) of the Hong Kong Institute of CPAs (HKICPA) is a comprehensive training programme that provides the knowledge and skills necessary to become a CPA. QP builds on an accounting degree and progresses to course work and examinations by students requiring to participate in workshops for resolving practical cases. QP graduates will have the knowledge, skills and values it takes to carry the designation of CPA. Completing the QP exempts the requirement of taking the Hong Kong practising certificate examinations, which are necessary to register as an auditor who has the statutory authority to sign audited accounts.
Structure And Syllabus
The QP comprises four modules and a final examination.
The coming intake is your final opportunity to pass the module examinations before the launch of the new enhanced QP.
The following modules are offered in the September intake :
\Module B – Financial Management
Module D – Taxation

Requirements for each module :
Self-study for 15 weeks using study materials (ie the Candidate Learning Pack ) provided by the HKICPA
Complete four workshops led by 2 experienced facilitators (first and fourth workshops last 3.5 hours, second and third workshops last 3 hours)
Pass a three-hour open-book examination.
(Section A : Case questions – 50 marks;
Section B : Essay/Short questions – 50 marks)
See attached : QP Module and final examination syllabus (from HKICPA)

Important Dates
Module Commencement Date : 24 May 2010
Examination Date : 25 Sept 2010

Workshops (1) Weekend 11-13 Jun 2010
(2) Weekend 9-11 Jul 2010
(3) Weekend 6-8 Aug 2010
(4) Weekend 27-29 Aug 2010
See attached : QP timetable (from HKICPA)

Knowledge Course
30 hours classroom lectures
Most updated critical file notes and exam index provided
Enhance your knowledge on the syllabus and concentrate on special topics
Explanation on difficult topics by using mindmaps, self-practice questions and practical cases
Highlighted key words and demonstration of open book exam skills
Revision Course
Concise notes to recap main points
Extensive use of QP past paper questions and other similar examination questions
Use of mindmaps and provide expected topic list
Demonstrate answer planning, exam approach, knowledge application and writing skills
Review mock exam and highlight common pitfalls in answers
Student Consultation
2 separate consultation classes for students to ask specific questions
Demonstration of writing case questions and useful linkage of key words
Students can discuss unclear areas with lecturers
Students can enquire career prospects and study skills by lecturers sharing own work and study experience
Test And Mock
Progress test based on a case study for students’ submission
Free marking services
Enhanced test to target on short questions
Final mock for students to practice their knowledge and exam skills, just like in real exam conditions
Mock exam review to point out common exam mistakes
ETC Training Support
Free on-line support – 12 hours on-line support for each course; students are given login name and password
Free marking facilities for self-assignments, tests and mocks
Individual consultation sessions for questions asking, discussion of any topics with our experienced lecturers
Discussion forum – students can pose technical questions for lecturers
Blog sharing – lecturers and graduates can share with students exam techniques, work experience and learning skills