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Sharing of ACCA P7 Successful Story - Ms Chan Tsz Shan

  Successful Story – [ACCA P7] - Ms Chan Tsz Shan

Ms Chan Tsz Shan (“Tsz Shan”) has successfully passed her ACCA P7 exam with ETC and became an ACCA affiliate. She has been working in an audit firm for four years and due to the busy workload, she considered that she should find an online course provider in order to pass her last ACCA paper.

Fortunately, Tsz Shan, through one of ETC promotional leaflets, discovered that ETC does provide ACCA online course and the price is very reasonable as compared to other tuition providers.  Then she asked around her friends about the quality of ETC’s courses, especially P7 which she was going to take. Her friends told her that Fiona is a very experienced lecturer in Audit, especially for P7

 During her online studies, Tsz Shan found online courses are effective and efficient as online course was very convenient to her since she did not need to waste time in traffic or need to wait for scheduled classes.  Especially, when she had to work overtime, she could arrange another time to play the videos and concentrate in her studies in her own pace. With ETC, she did not skip any classes as compared to classroom mode which she often missed classes due to overtime work.

Tsz Shan specifically appreciated the teaching materials as she found ETC notes are well-organized and comprehensive while Fiona’s demonstrations are very clear and exam-orientated.  She could master the exam skills and concepts quickly.

One of her study tips is that she would read the notes first, normally in weekdays then would watch the videos at weekends.  This method did prove to be very effective to her as after reading the notes, she could highlight the keywords first and this would boost her understanding of the topics quicker.

Tsz Shan believed that ETC is playing a determinant role in achieving her success in ACCA. Finally, she highly recommends ETC to all students who are going to participate in ACCA.