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Sharing Of A Successful story - Adrian



Adrian has successfully passed his HKICPA Final Examination with ETC and is now a qualified senior accountant in an accounting firm. He chose ETC as his learning companion to handle his Final QP examinations. The reasons for choosing ETC are:


Firstly, Adrian believes ETC has a group of experienced lecturers who are very familiar with the FE structure and examination skills. Especially going through the special topic list while also revising some of the hot non-special topics. The skills that Fiona ie ETC’s principal lecturer, are useful as he can manage to finish the two sets of exam papers faster while highlighting the keywords.


Secondly, he has attempted ETC’s progress test and final mocks to practice his exam skills and has used the step by step approach taught in the lessons.  Adrian claimed that ETC’s students should attend the Final Tips Sessions as most students including him cannot revise all the topics ie especially the non-special topics, it is advisable to listen to topics suggested by lecturers.


Thirdly, he reckoned that FE students should start their revision as soon as possible because it allows more time to find out the topics that you are not well-understood or familiar with. 


With all the above factors, Adrian passed his FE exam in his first attempt.